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Institute for Integrative Nutrition

This is where I received my Health Coaching Certification. Something I love about IIN is the focus on bio-individuality. It's an approach to creating healthy habits, functional nutrition, and lifestyle support customized for individuals (not a one size fits all or "5 Things Everyone Needs to eat, etc"). This training offers a strong and broad foundation so you can apply to individual needs - just how I teach Yoga!

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Queen of Thrones

Castor Oil has been used for (however long) for lymphatic drainage, detoxification, and increased health. I had used it before but always found it to be messy. Queen of Thrones packs eliminated that problem and I have now been sleeping with them for over a year with incredible results including: better digestion and less bloating and I credit this practice as part of the protocol that made my cysts and fibroid dissolve.

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Friends, when I became a Yoga teacher, I imagined that I would be living far out of town with no internet and minimal cell phone use.

Laughably, since I began my business I have created sites on 3 different web platforms, bought templates to make things look pretty, widgets to add additional features, paid separate fees for email and membership capabilities, (and still had to create Facebook groups),  and then I found Kajabi (the host of this site)... which has all of these things (and so much more) all in one very easy to use package.

It is beautifully simple to integrate and create anything I can dream up, and has a wonderful library of training videos. It is worth every single penny of this investment and makes the online part of this Yoga teacher's job something I actually look forward to doing.

Couldn't Recommend More. 

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Wildling Beauty

I love, love, love Wildling's products. I have used their Empress stone for years and have seen incredible results in the quality and tone in my skin. The have so many educational tools for how to use their products for tension relief and lymphatic drainage. I admire them so much that I  took their professional course. They have a new (very clean) skincare line that protects your skin's natural barrier while providing the same high quality as they do in their products. 

Highly recommend. 

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