For many years (like most instructors pre-pandemic) I taught regular weekly classes in an in-person only setting. My virtual classes began as audio-only recordings of my live classes that I could share with those who practiced with me on retreats, but lived far away. Many of these recordings are still available in our membership. 

When the pandemic began, live-stream and on-demand classes quickly became the norm and those classes along with many shorter ones are also included in the full membership. 

I still teach some of my classes live-stream each week and those with a full membership (not included in the Audio Only membership) are welcome to join me in real time (EST) in that space and also have access to the hundreds of recordings that are available through my studio, Prana Yoga Center. 

My hope is that the practices offered here offer you a welcoming space to move, breathe and develop a personal practice that supports you wherever you may be within your growth and goals... and, on your schedule. Whether you have 5 or 75 minutes to practice I hope that these practices support and encourage you to come home to yourself.


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Full Online Studio Membership

  • A growing collection of¬†Full Length Yoga Class Videos¬†as well as¬†Short Practice Videos

  • Audio Recordings¬†of over 100 unique Beginner, Open Level, Intermediate, and Gentle classes

  • A Private Community Group¬†where we can grow together in practice and life

  • Posture Labs*

  • Breathing Practices¬†and¬†Energy Tools*

  • Mini Yoga Manuals

  • Secret Spotify Playlists*

  • Classes created just for you¬†By Request*

  • 20% OFF¬†Discounts¬†on future workshops &¬†trainings on this platform

  • Access to all live-stream and on-demand classes taught through Prana Yoga Center
  • New Content¬†

  • Available Monthly for $19/month or Annually for $209

    *Read description below

Posture Labs

Asana means a posture or seat. In the membership there is a Posture Labs section where the poses and transitions are slowed down and explained so you can gain a deep experiential understanding of your body in the various shapes.

Modifications and the use props are broken down so that you know how and when you might need them and have the tools to make adjustments and more easily care for yourself in class.

Breathing Practices & Energy Tools

Yoga practice on the mat is life changing. The benefits can extend far beyond the mat and into your life. In these sections we get into a deeper study of the practice and how to apply it in real time as we move through life.

The Online Community offers the space to reflect, process, question, and discuss together.

By Request 

Each month I create unique classes based on your requests. If you've taken my classes live, you know this is one of my favorite ways to connect and make an offering of my practice. Please make your requests in the By Requests tab in our Online Community.

Private Playlists

Music can do so much to support the human spirit. I think of my playlists as assistants - making their way around the room meeting you where you are with encouragement.

Within the membership there are some secret playlists listed in the class description boxes.  These are my little gifts to you.


  • Audio Only¬† Membership includes:

    • Recordings of over 100 unique Beginner, Open Level, Intermediate, and Gentle classes
    • One shorter class
    • 20 Minute Energy Tools Meditation
    • Private Community Group: a place where we can grow together in practice and life
    • $5/month

Class Styles Within the Membership

Aligned Flow®

These safe yet challenging classes combine the heat building flowing sequences of a Vinyasa practice with Iyengar inspired alignment.

The alignment creates stability, focus, and a greater awareness of your mind and connection to your body. The flow creates heat, mobility, and a way to pause and reflect as the sequence builds. These classes are offered in Beginner, Open Level, and Open Level/Intermediate levels and join strength and flexibility in order to gain resilience and longevity.

Within the Yoga practices are instructions to continually bring you into your body, to modify when necessary, and to use props as a seamless part of the sequence.

Props used:

  • 1 blanket (or beach towels)
  • 1-2 blocks
  • strap


Named "Gentle Beginners" on the live schedule at Prana, these floor based classes are excellent for:

  • a gentle yoga practice to slow down and calm your nervous system
  • active recovery for athletes 
  • mobilizing & restoring your body after travel or a long day

Props used:

  • 2 blankets (or beach towels)
  • 1-2 blocks
  • 1 bolster (or two folded and stacked blankets or towels)
  • strap

Are you close by?  I would love to practice with you in person!

You can find me at Prana Yoga Center in Denville, NJ. 

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