Hello, My name is Christy. I am a Yoga student (25 years), instructor (17 years), and the owner of Prana Yoga Center in Northern NJ (9 years). On a cross country trip in my 20’s, I reached the West Coast and then flew even further to Maui where I enrolled in massage school, found my first Yoga teacher, and a Vaishnava temple where I was blessed to learn from the Guru there. These practices grew up together and, combined with mind body (somatic),  contemplative, spiritual, and energetic studies, became the foundation of Aligned Flow® classes, retreats, and trainings which I am blessed to share here, on-demand, and in-person at Prana and in beautiful locations around the world. 

Christy Naida Linson is an E-RYT500, a licensed massage therapist (LMT), a SUP Yoga and paddle instructor, a Human Design Reader, and a Holistic Health Coach. She began practicing Yoga in 1999 while attending massage school in Hawaii. Her curiosity about the mind-body connection and love for beautiful places led her to study Contemplative Psychology, Somatics and Traditional Eastern Arts at Naropa University in Colorado. She completed her 200 and 300 hour Yoga teacher trainings at YogaWorks in NYC and her teachings have been influenced by many incredible teachers including Helena Berg, Nataraja Kallio, Maty Ezraty, and Janet Stone.

She is blessed to own the award winning Prana Yoga Center in Denville, NJ with her sister April,  to direct the Aligned Flow® 200 & 300 hour teacher trainings and workshops, and lead retreats in beautiful places around the world. Her massage practice began by working with professional windsurfers and surfers in Hawaii and has included athletes of many backgrounds over the years including 7 years with the NY Jets. 

She is a life-long student always in the middle of several books and courses, a sunset lover,  and an enthusiastic aunt to her one, very loved niece.



In case you're curious:

Human Design: Sacral Manifesting Generator 1/4

Dosha: Vatta/Pitta

Astrology: Gemini Sun, Sagittarius Rising, Pisces Moon

Love Language: Words of Affirmation








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