Uncover Your User's Manual to Living Your Most Aligned & Radiant Life


Founded on ancient wisdom systems with a combination of  Energetics, Spirituality, & Science, Human Design offers guidance specifically tailored to your unique makeup. 

It is the practice of becoming more and more yourself while deconditioning

from the messages that have taught us to be otherwise.
Using your birthdate, place, and time we will uncover you unique blueprint

to living a life of greater flow, ease, and purpose with less resistance. 



Human Design Introductory Reading

Your initial one hour session will cover:

  • What your Energy Type is and how to use your energy to¬†create more flow and ease¬†
  • How to lean into your strengths for the clearest path to success
  • Know where you might have picked up conditioning and outside messages and advice that is not meant for you
  • How to hear the voice of your intuition to make aligned decisions¬†
  • How to read the¬†signs that indicate when you are in the flow or need to course correct
  • How to apply this knowledge to life as a practice


Deeper Dive Into Your Design

Follow up sessions can go more in depth into applying your design to:

  • Understanding both the shadow and wisdom sides of your gifts and how to use this to navigate your path to more vitality in your life and work
  • How to double down on your strengths by understanding more about your Life Theme and Purpose
  • Expanding your understanding of others¬†to improve the quality of your relationships whether personal or professional
  • How to use your design to nourish yourself optimally through the diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices that support your most radiant health¬†
  • Tools to release anxiety, increase a sense of groundedness and belonging, meditation, movement and¬† breathing practices, recipes, and lifestyle support all specifically curated for you based on your design

Your session can be held in-person or virtually. 


Sessions are $150/hour


Christy Naida Linson has been studying the intersection between health, spirituality, energetics, mind and body for over 25 years.  Beginning with massage therapy and Yoga, her certifications also include integrative nutrition and Human Design. A true 1/4 Sacral Manifesting Generator, she is multi-passionate and loves to learn and share tools to support radiant health on all levels. Learning and practicing Human Design has connected so many dots, expanded her perspective, and opened her up to a life of greater alignment and authenticity. She finds great joy in supporting others in discovering the freedom and sense of purpose found in living according to their unique user’s manual. She is blessed to offer individual sessions, group classes, workshops, trainings, and retreats at her studio Prana Yoga Center and in other beautiful locations around the world.


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